Restocked This Week at Mythic Games! 12/3/21

MTG: Crimson Vow Set Boosters

Pokemon: Fusion Strike ETBs, Fusion Strike Battle Stadiums, Fusion Strike Mini Binder w/ Booster, Evolving Skies ETBs, Celebrations ETBs, & Vivid Voltage Boosters

Super Skill Pinball: Ramp it Up

MicroMacro: Crime City

Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile

Star Wars Legion: Core Game, B2 Super Battle Droids, T-47 Airspeeder, BARC Speeder, Rebel Troopers Upgrade, Scout Troopers, Dewback Riders, & Director Orson Krennic

Flesh and Blood TCG: Tales of Aria Unlimited Boosters


Parks: Core Game, & Nightfall Expansion


Star Wars Rebellion

Blood Rage: Core Game, & 5th Player Expansion

Tidal Blades

Hadrian’s Wall

A Feast for Odin

Clank! Legacy

Clank in Space!

Zombicide: Night of the Living Dead

The Snallygaster Situation: A Kids on Bikes Board Game

D&D: Core Rulebook Gift Set, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, Curse of Strahd, Monster Cards CR 0-5, Creature Codex Pocket, & Deep Magic Spell Cards Bard

Cyberpunk Red RPG: Jumpstart Kit

Vampire the Masquerade RPG: Book of Nod

Fantastic Factories

Sushi Go!

Sushi Go Party!

Small World

Bang!: The Bullet

Aeon’s End DBG

Tesla vs. Edison: Duel

Munchkin Disney



Curious Cargo

My City


Viticulture: Visit From the Rhine Valley, & Metal Coins

Blue Lagoon

Terraforming Mars: Prelude

Detective City of Angels: Bullets Over Hollywood


Grimm Forest

Great Plains

Whistle Stop

Marvel Champions LCG: Captain America, Dr. Strange, & Wrecking Crew

LOTR LCG: Road Darkens, & Battle of Carn Dum

Boss Monster

King of Tokyo: Core Game, & Power Up

Red Dragon Inn: Base Game, & Smorgasbox

Roll Player: Core Game, & Monsters and Minions

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle DBG: Core Game, & Charms and Potions




Codenames Duet

Mystic Vale: Harmony, & Twilight Garden

Tortuga 1667

Warhammer 40K: Core Rulebook, Primaris Invictor Tactical Warsuit, Sentinel, Primaris Techmarine, Venerable Dreadnought, Allarus Custodians, Vertus Praetors, Start Collecting Genestealer Cults, Nexos, Clamavus, Custodian Guard, Broodcoven, Codex Deathguard, & Codex Adepta Sororitas

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Blood Knights, Battletome Soulblight Gravelords, Clanrats, Chainrasp Hordes, Namarti Reavers, Start Collecting Idoneth Deepkin, & Chaos Spawn

Risk: Warhammer 40k

Risk: 60th Anniversary Edition

This War of Mine: Tales from the Ruined City, & Days of the Siege

Tiny Epic Pirates: Curse of Amdiak

Tiny Epic Defenders: The Dark War



Pan Am


Rory’s Story Cubes

The Fox in the Forest

Air, Land, and Sea


Marvel Legendary DBG: World War Hulk, Noir, & Revelations

Ascension: Skull & Sails

Catan: Explorers and Pirates

7 Wonders

Kids on Bikes: Powered Character Deck

Flash Point Fire Rescue: 2nd Story

Fantasy Fluxx

Monikers: More Monikers

Agricola: Artifex Deck

Crime Scene: London

Exit: Sunken Treasure, & Forbidden Castle

Exploding Kittens: Party Pack

Secret Hitler

You Laugh, You Drink

Dad Joke Face-Off

Quoridor Jr.

Risk Jr.

D&D Endless Quest: To Catch a Thief

D&D Icons of the Realms Painted Minis: Goblin Warband, Kobold Warband, Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica Boosters, Waterdeep Dragon Heist Boosters, & Monster Menagerie Boosters

D&D Unpainted Minis: Minotaur, Warforged Fighter, Warforged Monk, Sprite and Pseudodragon, Goliath Female Barbarian, Blue Dragon Wyrmling, Elf Female Cleric, Shambling Mound, Aasimar Female Wizard, Goristro, Bandits, Human Druid Male, Tabaxi Male Rogue, Tabaxi Female Rogue, Dragonborn Male Fighter, Spiders, Banderhobb, & Nightwalker

Pathfinder Unpainted Minis: Pit Devil, Genie Efreeti, Blue Dragon, & Orc on Dire Wolf

Army Painter: Spray Primer, Gloss Varnish, Washes, Paints, Mixing Medium, & Basing Material, Assorted

Chessex: Dice Sets, Assorted

Dragon Shield: Double Shell Deck Boxes, Perfect Fit Side-Loading Sleeves, Pink Matte, Purple Matte, Clear Matte, Yu-Gi-Oh Sized Black Matte, & Pink Diamond Matte

Gamegenic: Fourtress Deck Boxes, & Sidekick Deck Boxes, Assorted

Ultra Pro: Eclipse Sleeves, Pro-Fit Sleeves, Pro-Fit Side-Loading Sleeves, Assorted

MDG: Stardust Dice Sets, Velvet Folding Dice Towers, & Velvet Folding Dice Trays, Assorted

Ultimate Guard: Boulder Natural Deck Boxes, Assorted

Restocked This Week at Mythic Games! 11/26/21

Pokemon: Vivid Voltage Boosters, Darkness Ablaze Boosters, Fusion Strike Build and Battle Boxes, Evolving Skies Elite Trainer Boxes, Celebrations Pikachu Vmax Boxes, Celebrations Elite Trainer Boxes, V Strikers Tins, Celebrations Ultra Premium Collection, Celebrations Mini Tins, & First Partner Johto Packs

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Ancient Battle Tins

D&D: Ebberon Rising from the Last War, Curse of Strahd, Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Rime of the Frostmaiden DM Screen, DM Screen Reincarnated, & Wizard Token Set


MicroMacro: Crime City

Space Base

Red Dragon Inn 5: Character Trove


Hunt for the Ring

Tiny Towns

Race for the Galaxy

Talisman: Batman

King of New York

King of Tokyo: Power Up, & Cthulhu

Cyberpunk Red RPG: Data Pack

Aliens RPG: Core Rulebook, & Starter Set

Vampire the Masquerade RPG: Sabbat


Sagrada: 5-6 Player Expansion


The Resistance

Coup: Reformation


Boss Monster

Boss Monster 2

Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Incursion

Marvel Fluxx

Jumanji Fluxx

Pirate Fluxx

Hive Carbon: Pillbug

Tsuro: Veterans of the Seas

Munchkin Steampunk

Munchkin Wonderland

Unicorn Glitterluck: Cloud Stacking

Schotten Totten

Arkham Horror LCG: Black Stars Rise, Unspeakable Oath, Echoes of the Past, & Dim Carcosa

Elder Sign: Omens of Ice

Cthulhu Death May Die: Season 2

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Mysterio and Carnage

Star Wars Legion: Clan Wren, Cassian Andor and K-2SO, Priority Supplies, Rebel Commandos, & Jakku Gamemat

Star Wars Armada: Rogues and Villains, Victory-Class Star Destroyer, Nebulon-B Frigate, & Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer

Warhammer 40K: Retributor Squad

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Vanari Auralan Sentinels, & Deathrattle Skeletons

LOTR LCG: Watcher in the Water, Foundations of Stone, & Celebrimbor’s Secret


Incohearent: Base Game, & NSFW Expansion

Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid?

Dad Joke Faceoff: After Dark

D&D Deep Magic Spell Cards: Bard, Ranger, Arcane 0-3, & Paladin

D&D Unpainted Minis: Young Green Dragon, Storm Giant, Bugbears, Nightwalker, Gnoll Witherlings, Alhoon and Intellect Devourer, Bugbear Barbarian Male and Rogue Female, Red Slaad, Sprite and Pseudodragon, Blue Dragon Wyrmling, Kobold Inventor Sorcerer and Dragonshield, Shadow, Dwarf Female Cleric, Dragonborn Male Paladin, Aasimar Female Fighter, Human Female Monk, Aasimar Female Wizard, Goliath Male Barbarian, & Air Genasi Female

Pathfinder Unpainted Minis: Timber Wolves, Liches, Hell Hounds, & Gnome Female Rogue

Army Painter: Plastic Frame Cutters, Precision Side Cutters, Elemental Bolt, Weapon Bronze, Phoenix Flames, Basilisk Brown, Deep Blue, Crusted Sore, Bright Gold, Mixing Medium, Anti-Shine Varnish, Fur Brown Spray primer, & Matt White Spray Primer

Foam Brain Dice: Inclusion Dice Sets, Metal Dice Sets, & Counter Dice Sets, Assorted

Chessex: Megamat, & Dice Sets, Assorted

MDG Dice: Stardust Purple, Stardust Teal, Stardust Blue, Mermaid Scale, Unicorn Aurora, Unicorn Fancy Fae, Unicorn Blushing Steel, Unicorn Royal Sunset, Flash Teal, Eternal Resin, Dice Bags, & Velvet Folding Dice Tray, Assorted

Dragon Shield: Double Shell Deck Boxes, Matte Purple, Matte Silver, Matte Pink, Matte Copper, Matte Yellow, Matte Petrol, Matte Emerald, Perfect Fit Clear, & Sealable Perfect Fit Clear Sleeves

Monster: Playmat Tubes, Assorted

Ultimate Guard: 4-Pocket Binders, & 100ct Deck Boxes, Assorted

Ultra Pro: Folding Magnetic Dice Trays, Eclipse Matte Sleeves, Standard sleeves, M2 Deck Boxes, & 9-Pocket Binder Pages, Assorted

Gamegenic: Sidekick Deck Boxes, Squire Deck Boxes, & Standard Card Game Sleeves, Assorted