New This Week at Mythic Games! 12/3/21

MTG: Innistrad Crimson Vow Gift Bundles

Pokemon: Dragonite V and Hoopa V Boxes, Urshifu Vmax League Battle Decks, & Pokeball Tins 2021

MicroMacro: Crime City Full House

Dune: Film Version

Arkham Horror LCG: At the Edge of the Earth Campaign Box

Star Wars Legion: DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid, IG-100 Magnaguards, Infantry Support Platform, & NR-N99 Persuader-Class Tank Droid

Pathfinder RPG: Guns and Gears Pocket Edition, & Hero Point Deck

Joker: A Diabolical Party Game

Camel Up: Off Season

Citadels: Revised Edition

Lord of the Rings: Battle in Balin’s Tomb

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternals Stormdrake Guard

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Brothers of Legend Boosters

Transformers Deck-Building Game

G.I. JOE: Deck-Building Game

Savannah Park


Assault on the Castle

Detective City of Angels: Cloak and Daggered Expansion

D&D Icons of the Realms Painted Minis: Summoned Creatures 1, & Summoned Creatures 2

Critical Role Unpainted Minis: Goblin Sorcerer and Rogue Females, Ravenite Half-Dragon Barbarian Female, Lotusden Halfling Ranger Male, Husk Zombies, & Core Spawn Crawlers


Crime Scene: Helsinki, & Moscow

Sriracha The Game!

The Best Friend Game


Spot It!: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Shelfie Stacker: Deluxe Deliveries Expansion

Deluxe Playing Cards: Mosaic Deck, & Aviary Deck

My journey to Catan: Signed by Klaus Teuber

New This Week at Mythic Games! 11/26/21

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Marvel Champions: The Hood

Pokemon: Fusion Strike Build and Battle Stadium

Star Wars Legion: Super Tactical Droid, & Raddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft

Arkham Horror LCG: At the Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion

Super Skill Pinball: Ramp It Up!

Disney Villains: Gathering of the Wicked w/ Cruella Promo

Metazoo: Nightfall Release Event Boxes


Catan Logic Puzzle

Mississippi Queen

Power Rangers DBG

Colors of Paris

Sriracha the Game




Warhammer 40K Black Templars: Combat Patrol, Codex, Chaplain Grimaldus and Retinue, Marshal, High Marshal Helbrecht, Emperor’s Champion, Primaris Crusader Squad, Sword Brethren, Castellan, Upgrades and Transfers, Data Cards, & Dice

D&D Idols of the Realms 2D Minis: PC Pack, Sidekick Pack, Monster Pack 1, & Monster Pack 2

Critical Role Unpainted Minis: Shallowpriest, & Swavain Basilisk

Spot It: Minions

Cards Against Humanity: Climate Catastrophe Pack

You Laugh, You Drink

Best Story Wins

Foam Brain Dice: Inclusion Dice Sets, Assorted

Dragon Shield: Christmas 2021 Sleeves, & Playmat

Dragon Shield Card Codex: 80ct Black, 160ct Black, 360ct Black, & 576ct Black

MDG: Mini Stardust Dice Sets (Galaxy, Supervolcano, Grey, Purple, Turquoise, & Blue)