New This Week at Mythic Games! 6/17/22

Pokemon: Divergent Powers Tins, & Professor Juniper Premium Tournament Collection

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Legendary Duelists Duels From the Deep Boosters

Flesh and Blood TCG: Uprising Prerelease Kits (Sunday Event Only)

Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness, Loyalist Legions Astartes, Traitor Legion Astartes, Kratos Heavy Assault Tank, Deimos Pattern Rhino, Missile Launchers and Heavy Bolters, & Special Weapon Upgrade


Aeon’s End DBG: Legacy of Gravehold

Switch and Signal

Space Station Phoenix

Dice Realms



Godtear: Skullbreaker the Dragon Slayer

The Goonies: Under the Goondocks

Pocket Detective: Season 1

D&D Icons of the Realms Painted Minis: Aspect of Tiamat

D&D Pad of Perception: Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, & Monster Manual

D&D: Beholder Dice Bag

Dark Crystal: 1000pc Puzzle

Dragon Shield: Matte Blood Red Sleeves

White Dwarf Magazine: Issue #477

Marvel: Loki Sleeves

Cat Dice Sets: Purrito, & Muffin

Foam Brain: Hurricane Dice Trays, Dagger of Venom Metal Dice Sets, & Dragon Scale Metal Dice Sets

MTG: 12-Sided Keyword Counters, Mythic Edition Loyalty Dice and Case, Mana 7 Deck Boxes (6 Styles), Mana 7 Sleeves (Plains & Color Wheel), & Mana 7 Alcove Mountain Deck Box

New This Week at Mythic Games! 6/10/22

MTG: Commander Legends Battle for Baldur’s Gate Collector’s Boosters, Set Boosters, Draft Boosters, Bundles, Commander Decks, & 2022 Starter

Pokemon: Astral Radiance Build and Battle Stadium

Star Wars Outer Rim: Unfinished Business Expansion

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Black Swan and Supergiant, Quinjet Terrain Pack, Card Pack 2022, & Black Order Squad Pack

King of Tokyo: Monster Box

On Mars: Alien Invasion

Tenpenny Parks

The Dark Knight Returns

The Dark Knight Returns: Deluxe Edition

DC Deckbuilding Game: Crossover Collection 1

Sobek: 2 Players

Western Legends: Blood Money

Vampire the Masquerade RPG: Cults of the Blood Gods

Rescuing Robin Hood

Clinic: Deluxe Edition, & Extension 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

Stardew Valley

Exit: Nightfall Manor w/ Puzzle


War of the Ring: Lords of Middle-Earth, & Fate of Erebor

Ivion the Herocrafting Card Game: The Hound and the Hare, The Knight and the Lady, & The Sun and the Stars

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: 1000pc Puzzle

Theory 11 Playing Cards: Hudson, Provision, & Artisan

Bicycle Playing Cards: Guardians

Dragon Shield: Dual Matte Batman Core Sleeves

MTG: Commander Legends Battle for Baldur’s Gate Playmats (8 Styles), & Mana 7 Dividers

Dragon Shield: Yu-Gi-Oh Sized Water Tiger Sleeves

Ultra Pro: 12-Pocket Vivid Pro Binder, Black

BCW: Playmat Tubes, Assorted

New This Week at Mythic Games! 6/3/22

MTG: Commander Legends Battle for Baldur’s Gate Prerelease Kits, Draft Boosters, & Set Boosters

Pokemon: Astral Radiance Mini Binders

Massive Darkness 2: Gates to Hell, Monks and Necromancers vs Paragon, & Upgrade Pack

DC DBG: Crisis Collection 1

Dragon Ball Super TCG: Unison Warrior Set 8 – Ultimate Squad Boosters


Maracaibo: The Uprising

Warhammer Kill Team: Moroch

Warhammer 40K: Chaos Knights Codex, Chaos Knights Wardogs, Chaos Knights Knight Abominant, & Chaos Knights Datacards

Blood Orders

BattleTech: Tamar Rising


Dune RPG: Sand and Dust

Summoner Wars: Cloaks Faction Deck, & Skyspear Avians Faction Deck

Escape the Dark Sector: Twisted Tech, Mutant Syndrome, & Quantum Rift

Kings Forge

Poetry for Neanderthals: More Cards Expansion

Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest Metal Doubloon Coins

Pocket Master Builder

D&D Tarot Deck

A War of Whispers

Steven Rhodes: Let’s Summon Demons

War of the Ring: Battle of Five Armies, & Warriors of Middle-Earth

Ultra Pro MTG Battle for Baldur’s Gate: 9-Pocket Pro-Binders, 12-Pocket Pro-Binders, Sleeves (7 Styles), Deck Boxes (7 Styles)

Foam Brain: Plastic Inclusions Dice Sets, Metal Dice Sets, Dice Trays, Roll-Up Dice Mats, & Dice Bags, Assorted

New This Week at Mythic Games! 5/27/22

MTG Secret Lair: Arcane Regular and Foil, Arcane Lands Regular and Foil, Pixel Snow Lands Regular, Foil and Foil Etched, Far Out Man Regular and Foil, Crocodile Jackson’s Monstrous Menagerie Regular and Foil Etched, Fblthp Completely, Utterly, Totally Lost Regular and Foil, Dracula Lands Regular and Foil, Welcome to Castle Dracula Regular and Foil, & Astrology Lands Aquarius Regular and Foil

Pokemon: Kleavor VStar Box, & Lucario Sleeves

Flesh and Blood: Classic Battles Rhinar vs Dorinthea

Massive Darkness 2 Hellscape: Core Game, Heavenfall, Feyfolk, & Bards and Tinkerers vs Metal Angel

Warhammer 40K: Combat Patrol Adeptus Custodes, Genestealer Cults Reductus Saboteur, & Adeptus Custodes Blade Champion

Warhammer AOS: Warcry Tarantulos Brood, & Warcry Darkoath Savagers

Star Wars X-Wing: Rogue Class Starfighter, & Clone Z-95 Headhunter

Arkham Horror LCG: Path to Carcosa Investigator Expansion

Pokemon: Trainer Trivia

D&D: 3-Inch Plush Charms (Beholder, Displacer Beast, Mimic, & Red Dragon)

Ultra Pro: Mana 7 Plains Sleeves

Ultra Pro MTG Secret Lair Playmats: Ryu, Chun-Li, Blanka, Zangief, Sorin, Angrath, Ajani, Tamiyo, Ashiok, & Lil Walkers

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Albaz Deck Boxes

New This Week at Mythic Games! 5/20/22

Pokemon: Astral Radiance Booster Boxes, Boosters, ETBs, Build and Battle Boxes, & 3-Pack Blisters (Monday 5/23 Release)

D&D: Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Dimension Force Boosters

Marvel Champions: Nova Hero Pack, & Ironheart Hero Pack

Spirit Island: Feather and Flame Expansion

Unlock: Jurassic Park Sattler vs T-Rex

Nemesis Lockdown: Core Game, Stretch Goals, New Cats Expansion, New Kings Expansion, & Playmat

Wolfenstein Board Game: Core Game, Old Blood Expansion, & 3D Terrain Expansion

Warhammer AOS: Battletome Daughters of Khaine, Battletome Nighthaunt, Awlrach the Drowner, Vanguard Fyreslayers, & Vanguard Idoneth Deepkin

Bureau of Investigation

Merchants of the Dark Road

Legends of Sleepy Hollow

Terra Mystica: Big Box, & Automa Solo Box

Air, Land and Sea: Spies, Lies, and Supplies Expansion

Watergate: White Box Edition

Fantastic Factories: Playmats

Shadowrun RPG: 6th World Companion

Tiny Epic Dungeons: Boss Meeples

Hanabi: Deluxe Extra Tiles, Black Powder Expansion, & Master Artisan Expansion

Bob’s Burgers: It’s Raining Belchers 1000pc Puzzle

Critical Role: Mighty Vibes Series Caduceus 1000pc Puzzle

New This Week at Mythic Games! 5/13/22

Pokemon: Astral Radiance Prerelease Kits, & Pikachu Gaming Trove

Foundations of Rome: Emperor Pledge w/ Statue, Senator Pledge w/ Statue, & Playmat

My Hero Academia CCG: Crimson Rampage Boosters

The Thing: Core Game, Norwegian Outpost, Human Miniatures, Alien Miniatures, & Norwegian Miniatures

Dawn of the Zeds

Cryptid: Urban Legends

Dice Miner


Heroes of Normandie

Labyrinth: Disney Villains

Warhammer 40K: Codex Imperial Knights, Chaos Knights Army Set, Knight Armigers, Knight Dominus, & Data Cards Imperial Knights

Star Wars Legion: Unnatural Resources OP Kits

Star Trek: Missions (A Fantasy Realms Game)

Squid Inc.

Qwixx Mixx

Ashes Reborn: The Breaker of Fate

Shadowrun RPG: Emerald City, & The Third Parallel

Vaesen Nordic Horror RPG: A Wicked Secret and Other Mysteries

Big Book of Battle Mats: Volume 3

D&D Unpainted Minis: Brigante Celts, Orc Male Ranger, Half-Elf Rogue Female, Aarakocra Fighters, Harengon Rogues, Giant Mimic, Hellwasp, Oni Female, Young Emerald Dragon, Dragonne, Jabberwock, Griffon Hatchlings, Flesh Golems, Githyanki, Hill Giant, Cavern Troll, & Serpentfolk

D&D Icons of the Realms Painted Minis: Adult Bronze Dragon

Dragon Shield: Dual Matte Crypt, Dual Matte Peach, Dual Matte Glacier, Flesh and Blood TCG Matte Sleeves (4 Styles)

MDG: Layered Stardust Dice Sets, (3 Styles)

BCW: Plastic Card Bins, & Card Bin Partitions

New This Week at Mythic Games! (5/6/22)

Pokemon: Arceus V Figure Collection, Pokeball Tins, & Collector’s Chest Spring Tin 2022

Flesh and Blood TCG: History Pack 1

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Ghosts of the Past Second Haunting

Dragon Ball Super TCG: Unison Warriors Ultimate Deck 2022


Necromunda: Ash Wastes

MTG: Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Plush Dice Bag

Exploding Kittens: 2 Player Edition

Happy Salmon: New Edition

Unlock Kids


Pathfinder RPG: Guns Deck

Overdrive: Gnaw vs Alpha Simian

Foam Brain: Dragon Scale Dice Sets, Assorted

New This Week at Mythic Games! (4/29/22)

MTG Streets of New Capenna: Set Boosters, Collector’s Boosters, Draft Boosters, Bundles, Theme Boosters, Commander Decks, 9-Pocket Pro-Binders, 12-Pocket Pro-Binders, Deck Boxes (10 Styles), Sleeves (10 Styles), & Playmats (13 Styles)

Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest

Warhammer Underworlds: Nethermaze, & The Exiled Dead

Pathfinder RPG: Book of the Dead (Regular and Special Edition), & Gears Deck

Pathfinder Level 20 Board Game

Vampire the Masquerade RPG: Second Inquisition

Dr. Who: Don’t Blink

Luna Capital


Founders of Teotihuacan

Red Cathedral

Pokemon: Lucario 3-Ring Binders

Dragon Shield: Double Shell Deck Boxes (Blood Red, Ashen White, Shadow Black, Forest Green, & Midnight Blue)

MTG Kamigawa Neon Dynasty: Sleeves (7 Styles)

D&D: Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse Playmat

New This Week at Mythic Games! (4/22/22)

MTG Streets of New Capenna: Prerelease Kits (5 Styles), Set Boosters, & Draft Boosters

Pokemon: Boltund V Boxes, V Heroes Tins, Pikachu 9-Pocket Zip Pro-Binder, Lucario Deck Boxes, & Lucario Binders

Ark Nova

Bardsung: Legend of the Ancient Forge

Unmatched: Hell’s Kitchen, & Redemption Row

One Ring RPG: Starter, Core Book. GM Screen, & Dice Sets

Ascension Tactics

Lockup: Breakout

Architects of the West Kingdom: Works of Wonder, Collector’s Box, & Playmat

Dune Board Game: Choam & Richese Expansion

Space Base: The Mysteries of Terra Proxima Expansion

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Albaz Strike Structure Deck, & Speed Duel GX

Argent: The Consortium

Meeples and Monsters

Skull Canyon: Ski Fest

Wise Guys

Small Islands


My Hero Academia Plus Ultra!: The Board Game

BattleTech: Elemental Star Minis Pack

Vampire the Masquerade RPG: Dice Set

D&D Frameworks Minis: Beholder, Night Hag, Mindflayer, Drider, Hill Giant, Wight, Ghast and Ghoul, Minotaur, Ogre, Orcs, Kobolds, Balor, Stone Giant, Human Male Cleric, Human Male Monk, Elf Male Ranger, Dwarf Female Cleric, Orc Male Barbarian, Human Female Druid, Human Male Fighter, Tiefling Female Rogue, Dragonborn Male Paladin, Elf Female Wizard, Human Female Fighter, Elf Male Monk, HUman Male Wizard, Drawf Female Barbarian, Tiefling Male Warlock, Dragonborn Female Sorcerer, Dwarf Male Fighter, Human Male Warlock, & Human Female Rogue

Cooper Island: Skilled Workers Expansion

South Park: Stick of Truth 1000pc Puzzle

Pixel Tactics: Deluxe Base Game, Box 2, Box 3, Box 4, Box 5, & Legends

Foam Brain: Grim Reaper Dice Set

Chessex: Glitter Dice Sets, Assorted

MTG: Mana 7 Forest Sleeves

Gamegenic: Retro Sleeves, & Thick Inner Sleeves

New This Week at Mythic Games! (4/15/22)

Wonderland’s War: Kickstarter Deluxe Edition

Rococo Deluxe: Core Game, & Expert Tailors Expansion

Azul: Queen’s Garden

Isle of Cats: Kittens and Beasts, Explore and Draw, & Boat Pack

Creature Comforts

Disney Villainous: Bigger and Badder

Warhammer 40K: Codex Tyranids, Combat Patrol Tyranids, Tyranid Parasite of Mortex, Tyranid Data Cards, & Tyranid Dice

Final Fantasy TCG: Emissaries of Light Boosters


Quirky Circuits: Penny and Gizmo’s Snow Day

Free Radicals



Digimon TCG: Next Adventure Boosters

Freight Cars

Murano: Light Masters

For Sale: Autorama

For Sale: Advisors Expansion

White Dwarf Magazine: #475

Munchkin Warhammer 40k: Rank and Vile

Baseball Highlights the Dice Game

Football Highlights the Dice Game

Pathfinder Battles Painted Minis: Mwangi Expanse Boosters, & Adult Cloud Dragon

D&D Icons of the Realms Painted Minis: Waterdeep Dragon Heist Box 1, & Box 2

Death Saves: War of Dragons Box 1, & Box 2

Fantastic Factories: Manufactions Expansion, & Subterfuge Expansion

Omega Virus Prologue


Lost Ones

Key to the Kingdom


Mercado De Lisboa

Labyrinth Jr.

Uno: Ultimate Marvel

Railways of the Western US

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Card Back Sleeves

Avatar the Last Airbender: D6 Dice Set

Marvel: Gambit Sleeves

Ultimate Guard: Deck Case 133+ (Black, White, Red, Green, Translucent, Petrol, Orange, Yellow, Purple, & Pink)

New This Week at Mythic Games! (4/8/22)

Pokemon: Collector Bundles, Morpeko Vunion Special Collection, Lucario Vstar Premium Collection, & Sinnoh Stars Mini Tins

Marvel Champions LCG: Sinister Motives

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents, & Shadowland Daredevil and Elektra

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Arena of Shades

Warhammer 40K: Battlezone Fronteris Nachmund

Dune Imperium: Deluxe Upgrade Pack

The Witcher RPG: Essentials Dice Set

Clinic: Deluxe Edition

Cthulhu Wars Duel: Extinction

Army Painter: Speed Paint: Complete Line

MTG Kamigawa Neon Dynasty: Binders (9-pocket & 12-pocket), & Deck Boxes (7 Styles)

New This Week at Mythic Games! (4/1/22)

MTG: Challenger Decks 2022

Dominion: Allies Expansion

Cthulhu Wars Duel: Extinction

Star Wars X-Wing: Gauntlet, & Razorcrest

Dungeon Party: Starter Pack, & Big Box

Caverna Cave vs Cave: Big Box

Agricola: Consul Dirigens Deck

Cantaloop Book 2

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Speed Duel GX Duel Academy

Metazoo: Wilderness Boosters, Wilderness Release Event Boxes, & Wilderness Spellbooks

Pictures: Orange Expansion

Sentinels of Earth-Prime

Sailor Moon Crystal: Imposterous


Living Forest

Warhammer 40K: Combat Patrol Aeldari, Avatar of Khaine, Shining Spears, Shroud Runners, Rangers, & Autarch

BattleTech: Interstellar Operations Battleforce, & Interstellar Operations Alternate Eras

G.I. Joe RPG: Core Rulebook

Tokyo Sidekick

Tree Lined Avenue


Family Business

Call of Cthulhu RPG: Investigator Handbook

MTG x D&D Minis: Companions of the Hall

New This Week at Mythic Games! (3/25/22)

MTG: MSCHF Secret Lair, & Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Japanese Collector’s Boosters

Pokemon: Pikachu V Box, & Battle Academy 2022

Return to Dark Tower: Core Game Kickstarter Edition, Alliances Expansion, Dark Horde Miniatures, Coffers Tokens, & Playmat (Delayed Until Early Next Week)

Warhammer 40K: Combat Patrol Thousand Sons, Combat Patrol Grey Knights, Thousand Sons Infernal Master, & Grey Knights Castellan Crowe

Tiny Epic Dungeons: Base Game, Stories, Dice Tray, Game Mat, & Playmat

Goonies: Never Say Die

The Siege of Runedar

Mountains out of Molehills

Happy Little Dinosaurs: Dating Disasters

Fiasco RPG: Pride and Panic, Join the Cult, & A Thousand Papercuts

Exploding Minions

Geek Out: Video Games

D&D Unpainted Minis: Redcaps, & Tomb-Tapper

The Army Painter: Speed Paint Mega Set

Gamer’s Grass: Laser Plants, Wild Tufts, Dense Tufts, Spiky Tufts, Tiny Tufts, Basing Bits, & Flower Tufts, Assorted

MTG: Mana 7 Mountain Sleeves

Zelda: Alcove Flip Deck Boxes

New This Week at Mythic Games! (3/18/22)

D&D: Call of the Netherdeep


Root RPG: Core Book, Travelers and Outsiders, Equipment Deck, Denizens Deck, Faction Dice Pack, & GM Accessories Pack

Marvel Legendary DBG: Doctor Strange and the Shadows of Nightmare Expansion

Horizon Zero Dawn: Rockbreaker

Dragon Ball Super TCG: Realm of the Gods Boosters

Ginkgopolis: The Experts

Arkham Horror LCG: The Dunwich Legacy Campaign Expansion

Cuphead: Roll and Run

Mysthea: Essential Edition

Warhammer 40K: Kill Team Novitiates, Kill Team T’au Empire Pathfinders, Kill Team Codex Chalnath, & Kill Team Nachmund

White Dwarf Magazine #474

Echoes: The Cocktail

Dragon Shield: Card Codex The Batman Binder, Batman Playmat, & Easter Dragon 2022 Sleeves

D&D Unpainted Minis: Mouth of Grolantor, Boggles, Korreds, Giant Dragonfly, Abominable Yeti, Cyclops, Frost Giant Skeleton, Crag Cat, Pentadrone, Myconid Sovereign and Sprouts, Ogre Female, Ice Troll Female, Chimera, Snow Golems, Barbed Devils, Dwarf Fighter Female, & Elf Cleric Male

Pathfinder Unpainted Minis: Zombie Hulk, Zombie Brute, & Skeletal Horse

MTG Unpainted Minis: Wrenn and Seven, Blightsteel Colossus, Archangel Avacyn, Arlinn Kord and Tovolar, Zurgo Helmsmasher and Krumar, & Thraben Inspecter and Tireless Tracker

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Kuriboh Kollection Sleeves

Call of Cthulhu RPG: Core Rulebook, Keeper Screen, Alone Against the Tide, & The Children of Fear

New This Week at Mythic Games! (3/11/22)

Pokemon: Brilliant Stars Build and Battle Stadiums

Alien: Fate of the Nostromo

D&D 5E: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Hidden Arsenal Chapter 1

Familiar Tales

Stella: Dixit Universe

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Battletome Fyreslayers, Battletome Idoneth Deepkin, Fyreslayers Dice, & Idoneth Deepkin Dice

First Empires

Caper: Europe

Mystic Vale: Essential Edition

Shadowrun RPG: Core Rulebook Seattle Edition

BattleTech: Map Pack Alien Worlds

LOTR LCG: Dwarves of Durin Starter Deck, Elves of Lorien Starter Deck, Defenders of Gondor Starter Deck, & Riders of Rohan Starter Deck

Fluxx Remixx

Museum: Pictura

Critical Role Painted Minis: Dieter

Chess: Luxury Version, & Folding Version

Chess and Checkers: Folding Version

One Deck Dungeon: Abyssal Depths

The Plan

Scooby Doo Monopoly

Elf Monopoly

Sopranos Monopoly

Golden Girls Monopoly

My Hero Academia Monopoly

Godzilla Monopoly

Bob Ross Monopoly

Schitt’s Creek Monopoly

New This Week at Mythic Games! (3/4/22)

Now or Never

Warhammer 40K: Codex Aeldari, Aeldari Dice, Aeldari Datacards, Dark Reapers, Guardians, Warlocks, & Maugan Ra

Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Miniatures Icons of the Realms: Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft Boosters, & Gravedrinker

Vampire The Masquerade: 5th Edition Storyteller Screen and Toolkit

Battle Mats: Loke`s Immersive GM Screen, & Untold Encounters of the Random Kind

Munchkin Petting Zoo

Paper Dungeons

BattleTech: ComStar Battle Level II

Echoes: The Microchip

Marvel Villainous: Ultron Puzzle 1000pc

Army Painter: Speedpaint Starter Set

Foam Brain: Pink Triceratops Dice, Stegosaurus Dice, Hamburger Dice, & Pink Alpaca Dice

Pokemon TCG: 25th Celebration Deck Box, 25th Celebration Binders, Lucario Playmats, & Gengar Sleeves

Dex: 12-Pocket Zip Binders, (Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Red, & White)

Kamigawa Neon Dynasty: Playmats (9 Styles)

Dragon Shield: The Batman Sleeves

New This Week at Mythic Games! (2/25/22)

Pokemon Brilliant Stars: Boosters, Elite Trainers, Build and Battle Boxes, 1-Pack Blisters, 3-Pack Blisters, Mini Binder w/ Booster, & Lycanroc and Corviknight V Battle Decks

MTG Secret Lair: Extra Life 2021 (Foil and Regular Version)

Star Wars X-Wing: Pride of Mandalore

A Game of Thrones: B’Twixt

Lord of the Rings LCG: The Dark of Mirkwood

Warhammer 40K: Dominion Zephon, & Fafnir Rann

Zombicide: Extra Players Upgrade

Arkham Horror LCG: Dunwich Legacy Investigator Expansion

Bohnanza: Princes and Pirates

New This Week at Mythic Games! (2/18/22)

MTG Kamigawa Neon Dynasty: Collector’s Boosters, Set Boosters, Draft Boosters, Bundles, Commander Decks, & Theme Boosters

Pokemon Brilliant Stars: Boosters, Elite Trainers, Build and Battle Boxes, 1-Pack Blisters, 3-Pack Blisters, & Mini Binder w/ Booster (Monday Release)

MTG Secret Lairs: Stranger Things (Normal and Foil), Mirrodinsanity (Normal and Foil), Monster Anatomy 101 (Normal and Foil), Thrilling Tales of the Undead (Normal and Foil), Read the Fine Print (Normal, Foil, and Etched Foil), Showcase Midnight Hunt (Normal and Foil), & Monster Movie Marathon (Normal and Foil)

Marvel Legendary DBG: Messiah Complex

Tapestry: Arts & Architecture Expansion

Warp’s Edge

Concordia: Solitaria


Dog Lover

Munchkin Farkle

Parks Memories: Coast to Coast

D&D Paint Night Kit: Ice Troll

Critical Role: Characters of Tal’Dorei Set 1, Monsters of Tal’Dorei Set 1, Monsters of Tal’Dorei Set 2, NPCs of Tal’Dorei Set 1, & NPCs of Exandria Set 1

Pathfinder RPG Complete Chronicles: Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Rogue, & Wizard

Wonder Book

Book of Rituals

White Dwarf Magazine: Issue 473

MTG Mana 7 Playmats: Plains, Island, Swamp, & Color Wheel

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Kuriboh Collection Deck Boxes, Binders, & Playmats

Vallejo: Game Color Starter Sets

Dune RPG: Atreides Dice, & Harkonnen Dice

MDG: Silicone Sharp Edge Dice Sets, Gold Scatter, Volcanic Soot, Glacier Debris, & Regal Riccochet

New This Week at Mythic Games! (2/11/22)

MTG: Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Prerelease Kits, Draft Boosters, & Set Boosters

Pokemon: Brilliant Stars Prerelease Kits

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Battle of Chaos Boosters

Digimon TCG: Ulforce Veedramon Starter Deck

Warhammer 40K: Eldritch Omens

Marvel Villainous: Mischief and Malice

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Juggernaut, Colossus and Magik, Rogue and Gambit, X-23 and Honey Badger, & Crashed Sentinel Terrain


Star Wars Jabba’s Palace: A Love Letter Game

Onitama: Light and Shadow

Welcome to the Moon

Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: The Adventure Game

Power Rangers RPG: Core Rulebook

BattleTech: Clan Support Star, Inner Sphere Striker Lance, Clan Ad Hoc Star, Inner Sphere Urban Lance, ComStar Command Level II, & ComStar Battle Level II

Tabannusi: Builders of Ur

Origins: First Builders


Dune Imperium: The Spice Must Flow Sleeves, & Arrakis Sleeves

Nemesis: Dice Tray, & Game Mat

Exit: Kidnapped in Fortune City, & Deserted Lighthouse

D&D: Premium Zippered Book and Character Folio

Ptolus: Monte Cook’s City by the Spire GM Screen

Battle Mats: Wilderness Book of Battle Mats, & Little Wilderness Book of Battle Mats

Infinidungeon: Blank Grid, Lost King, Space Freighter, Gates Of Aguafuus, Gates to the Castle, & Scroll Handles

E-Raptor: Brass Birmingham/Lancashire Box Insert, Nemesis UV Print Box Insert, & Nemesis Stretch Goal UV Print Box Insert

Foam Brain: Plastic Inclusions Dice Sets, & Dice Bags, Assorted

MTG: Mana 7 Playmats, Mountain, & Forest

Ultra Pro: Vivid 12-Pocket Zip Pro Binders, Blue, Green, Red, Light Blue, Teal, Purple, & Yellow

New This Week at Mythic Games! (2/4/22)

Warhammer 40K: Combat Patrol T’au Empire, Codex T’au Empire, T’au Empire Ethereal, T’au Empire Darkstrider, Space Marines Captain in Gravis Armor, Space Marines Primaris Ancient, Order of the Bloody Rose Dice Set, T’au Empire Dice Set, & Data Cards T’au Empire

Flesh and Blood TCG: Everfest 1st Edition Boosters

Dragon Ball Super TCG: Mythic Boosters

Dune Imperium: Rise of Ix Expansion, The Spice Must Flow Sleeves, & Arrakis Sleeves


In Too Deep

Summoner Wars: Tundra Orcs vs Phoenix Elves

Shinkansen Zero-Kei

Arkham Horror LCG: Machinations Through Time

Set a Watch: Swords of the Coin

Merchants of Magick: A Set a Watch Tale

Valeria Card Kingdoms Second Edition: Darksworn Expansion, & Flames and Frost Expansion

Nemesis: Dice Tray, & Game Mat

Trek 12

Ultimate Werewolf: Pro

D&D: The Deck of Many NPCs

Shadowrun RPG: The Kechibi Code

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Chess Set

Exit: Kidnapped in Fortune City, & Deserted Lighthouse

Mascarade 2nd edition

Bohnanza: Bohna Nostra Expansion

The Princess Bride: Adventure Book Game

Infinidungeon: Blank Grid, Lost King, Space Freighter, Gates Of Aguafuus, Gates to the Castle, & Scroll Handles

Q-Workshop: Dragons Black and Copper Dice Set, & Dragons Red and Gold Dice Set

E-Raptor: Brass Birmingham/Lancashire Box Insert, Nemesis UV Print Box Insert, & Nemesis Stretch Goal UV Print Box Insert

MDG: Fruit Dice, & Love Dice