New This Week at Mythic Games!

MTG Innistrad Midnight Hunt: Prerelease Kits (Events Fri 10:30pm, Sat 11am & 4pm, & Sun 1pm), Draft Boosters, & Set Boosters

Pokemon: First Partner Johto Packs, & Evolving Skies Build and Battle Stadium

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Battletome Orruk Warclans, Battletome Stormcast Eternals, Beast-Skewer Killbow, Breaka-Boss on Mirebrute Trogg, Stormcast Eternals Knight Judicator with Gryph-Hounds, & Stormstrike Chariot

Kemet Blood and Sand: Kickstarter Edition God Pledge w/ 5 Great Old Ones, Playmat, Sleeves, & Book of the Dead (Monday Release)

Marvel Champions LCG: Nebula

Marvel Legendary: Annihilation

Dune RPG: Grandmaster’s Toolkit

Star Wars: Empire vs Rebellion

Great Plains

Dixit: 2021 Refresh



Hero Hockey

MTG Unpainted Minis: Galazeth Prismari, Omnath, Rowan and Will Kenrith, Wild Nacatls, Ghouls, Rootha and Zimone, Killian and Dina, Quintorius, & Mage Hunter

Gamegenic: Gameshell XL Boxes, Assorted

MTG Innistrad Midnight Hunt: Playmats (10 Styles), Sleeves (6 Styles), & Commander Deck Boxes w/ Sleeves (2 Styles)