Ordering Singles

Mythic Games has a massive MTG selection! Looking to purchase a list of singles? Here’s how to do it!

To see all of our inventory priced 5 dollars and above please visit our TCG store at https://shop.tcgplayer.com/sellerfeedback/6ab8530d. We do not list cards priced 5 dollars and below but it’s all categorized in our inventory, please submit a list of what you’re looking for via the steps below!

Sets we offer and TCG price structure:
-Magic the Gathering (mid)
-Pokemon (market)
-Flesh and Blood (market)

Our MTG pricing is based directly on TCGplayer.com mid price. We do not price out lists for customers, and ask that if you need to get an idea of what we charge for singles, that you check via TCGplayer. To get a more accurate idea, you’ll need to make sure you are getting MID price. To do this on your app:
-Select YOU
-Then set pricing to MARKETPLACE MID
-Then back at the home screen, select SHOP and enter your singles
With that in mind, pricing will still fluctuate slightly based on inventory availability and condition.

Requesting a List

If you are comfortable with pricing and are ready to submit an order for purchase, please send us a list, notating any specific versions you may be looking for. We offer every version of every card if it’s in our inventory, so please feel free to request foils/alt art/secret lair/promos. If you do not note specific versions, our default is to pick cheapest option available in our inventory. We sell all conditions and if we find a card to be anything less that NM/LP we will price it as such and make sure you are accepting of the condition.

We accept lists via:
Email- mythicgamescolorado@outlook.com
Facebook messenger – http://www.facebook.com/mythicgamesco
-Instagram instant message- http://www.instagram.com/mythicgamesco
-Google message- Google “mythic games” and select “Chat”
-In store

In store – we have pen and paper at our list making station, please write your first and last name and what you’re looking for with the same parameters stated above (ie specific versions/condition etc).

Once your list is submitted we will enter it into our system and give you a list of what we had in stock or was missing, a price, and then ask if you would like the list pulled. Once pulled we will respond to your message that your order is ready or call you up to the counter by name and you will have 24 hours to purchase your list. If you cannot pick up within this window you may call us at 303-936-3660 to purchase over the phone. Our time is limited and important and we ask our customers to respect that. If you do not purchase your order, the cards will be restocked and you may lose your privileges to order lists online.

Please note that large lists take time to enter into our system and pull from our card library. We process lists in the order in which they are received. If you have a time limit, or deadline in mind, please state so immediately so we can attempt to accommodate you and/or keep you informed.