Welcome to Mythic Games! We are a one stop mom & pop shop for all your table top gaming needs. We have a MASSIVE selection of MTG singles and board games, dice, war games, TCG’s, RPG’s and tons of accessories. Recently, we expanded to 6300 square feet and have a variety of play space areas to accommodate all types of players, we even have our own TCG event room. We have worked so hard to get here and would love to see you join our community, we host a variety of events each day, please check out our calendar and come out to meet some like minded gamers, or better yet, bring a group and enjoy our vast, clean and bright play spaces.

Check Out What’s New At Mythic!

Mythic Games Sealed Deck RCQ
2/24/24 at 11am (Doors open at 10am)
$45 Entry, Sealed Deck w/ Top 8 Draft) All Participants Receive 6 Play Boosters of Murders at Karlov Manor to Build Their Sealed Deck.
We’ll put $15 into the store credit prize pool per player. Store Credit Prizes will be awarded after swiss and Top 8 will play for the invite)
First 32 Participants will receive a Promo Explore, Top 8 Receive a Promo Expressive Iteration, & 1st Place Wins a Foil Promo Expressive Iteration.

Mythic Games Warhammer 40K Escalation League Season 3
Starts 3/1/24
You’ll have 2 weeks to play your game each round.
Each round a Mission will be assigned to the whole league.
We’ll start with 500 points and escalate by 250 each round.
Round 1 – 3/1/24-3/14/24 500 points
Before round 2 pairings are assigned you will have the chance to change armies, this change is permanent for the rest of the league.
Round 2 – 3/15/24-3/28/24 750 points
Round 3 – 3/29/24-4/11/24 1000 points
Round 4 – 4/12/24-4/25/24 1250 points
Round 5 – 4/26/24-5/9/24 1500 points
Round 6 – 5/10/24-5/23/24
1750 points
Round 7 – 5/24/24-6/6/24
2000 points
$25 entry, all entries go into the store credit prize pool. Plus we have a cool trophy for 1st place and $20-$35 Door Prizes for All 14 Week!
Give us a call at 303-936-3660 to lock in your spot
Don’t forget to sign up for the event on Challonge

At Mythic Games we’re hosting Star Wars Unlimited: Spark of Rebellion Prerelease events!
Saturday 3/2 at Noon
Sunday 3/3 at Noon
$30 entry, all participants receive a Prerelease Kit.
We’ll run 4 rounds of Pack rounds, plus 1st place wins 3 more packs!

At Mythic Games we’re now taking preorders for Star Wars Unlimited!
Give us a call at (303)-936-3660 to place your preorder.

At Mythic Games we’re now taking preorders for Star Wars Legion Inquisitors! Give us a call at (303)-936-3660 to place your preorder.

At Mythic Games we’re now taking preorders for Fallout sealed products and Registrations are open for our Fallout Launch Commander Event!
3/9/24 at 1pm
Give us a call at (303)-936-3660 to place your preorders and to sign up.

One Piece Wings of the Captain Prerelease Events
Saturday 3/9/24 at 2pm
Sunday 3/10/24 at 2pm
$30 Entry, 4x 30 Minute Rounds

At Mythic Games we’re hosting 4 Pokemon Temporal Forces Prerelease Events
Sunday 3/10/24 at Noon
Sunday 3/10/24 at 2pm
Sunday 3/17/24 at Noon
Sunday 3/17/24 at 2pm
Register in store or over the phone at (303)-936-3660

Mythic Games cEDH 1.5k
3/30/24 at 11am (doors open at 10am, Player Meeting 10:30)
$40 Entry, $1500 in the cash prize pool!
Register on topdeck and give us a call at (303)-936-3660 to pay!

Looking for players like you to meet with at Mythic? Join our community group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/267778738156756/?ref=share

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Then join our discord to plan a meet up online and play games at Mythic!

Be safe and stay healthy.