Star Wars Unlimited Store Showdown 2

Star Wars Unlimited Store Showdown #2
Saturday 6/29/24 at 11am (Doors open at 10am)
$20 Entry, we’ll put 100% of entries into the store credit prize pool. Store Credit prizes will be awarded after swiss with top 8 playing for the Mace Windu Promos only. 1 Booster Box worth of packs will be gives out as random door prizes and all participants receive a Promo Takedown and a Play Booster at the start or round 1 and another play booster at the start of the final swiss round.
32 players max
If you pay you still must register on topdeck and if you register on topdeck you still must pay. Make sure to do both or your spot may be given to another player.

Players must submit a decklist for this event.
You can paste in a link from SWUDB here

We’ll hand out random door prizes every round of Swiss after the first.
All Players will get a Weekly Play Booster, & a Takedown Promo during round 1, and another Weekly Play Booster during round 5.

Players receive an extra 10% Credit on Star Wars Unlimited Trades